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White Sox Sign Betemit To One Year Deal

Betemit is one of three players eligible for arbitration, the other two are closer Bobby Jenks and Outside DeWayne Wise. The White Sox have yet to announce an agreement. The White Sox have until midnight ET Friday Night to tender for contracts and remaining arbitration-eligible players are required to do so.. Infielder Wilson Betemit and White Sox agreed Thursday to one year, $ 1.3 million contract, according to Associated Press.
15.12.08 12:46

Rosie O Quot Donnell On Quot The View Quot Barbara Walters And Proposition 8

While promoting his upcoming NBC special varieties, Rosie Live Rosie O Donnell couldn t avoid questions about his controversial time The View Barbara Walters, told reporters on Wednesday morning, he wanted everyone to think and think and act as if go d agreement and are really good friends and happy and hang together, and, you know, that not just the reality.
15.12.08 12:46

Observations Lennon Quot Smile Travels North

Just as sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, film and sound installations by the John Lennon woman once described as the world most famous unknown artist: everybody knows his name, but nobody knows what we much to see outside of the exhibition. Between Heaven and My Head, which opens Sunday, is one of the largest exhibitions of Ono work to date and includes pieces from the Fifties to today. 5 (Smile), a film John Lennon smile that evolves over 51 minutes on some of Newcastle most famous landmarks as part of his new exhibition at the Baltic Center for Contemporary Art. Maybe that what Yoko Ono is hoping when she plans her 1968 film n. They say that if you smile the world smiles with you.
15.12.08 12:46

Funny Girl Ellen Degeneres Is The Newest Face For Covergirl

DeGeneres will be the spokesman for the company produced more recently, and CoverGirl Olay Simply Ageless Foundation. And you thought only Ellen DeGenere been a funny girl. CoverGirl announced that the talk show host is the newest face representing the company. Just age Foundation collaborates with the skin temperature to transform the foundation of a cream to a liquid in contact. This new generation of anti-aging makeup makes fine lines and wrinkles less obvious, with the suspension on them. The liquid is then an invisible suspension system that floats on the surface without gathering in rows, making imperfections seem almost disappear.
15.12.08 12:46

Remains Could Be Missing Toddler Caylee Anthony

The medical examiner office collected the remains and Sheriff Beary said that being a top priority for forensic investigators at the FBI. The location of the remains is less than quarter mile from where Caylee lived with his mother, Casey Anthony, and grandparents . The two years have disappeared about five months ago and his mother argued Casey Anthony was taken from a baby-sitter..
15.12.08 12:46


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